Dating Twentieth Century Photos

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Dating By Design Volume 2 – Stephen Gill If you ever had struggled to put a date to an Edwardian or Early Twentieth century photo then this is the book you need. Written as a follow up to Dating by Design 1840 -1915 this goes from 1900 to 1975 and looks at all aspects of […]

Recent Talks Feedback

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After a talk in London Ontario Very thorough and practical presentation by an engaging speaker – Great topic, well delivered!  The presentation included so many things to think about that seem obvious after the fact, but really needed to be set out. I have a whole new appreciation and new tools for examining photographs.  Fascinating […]

Dating By Design

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Have you ever struggled to put a date to an old family photograph? Most family historians have at some time or another. My new book Dating By Design aims to help all those struggling. Immensely readable as well as being informative and beautifully illustrated it has easy to follow guides as well as a comprehensive […]

Scanner v Camera

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When I get asked why I don’t use a scanner I always answer because of the resolution but it’s also the ability to focus on the subject and not have a mount alter the focus position. This is a case in point. It’s a CdV Ferrotype from USA around 1862 and the image is approx […]

Thermoplastic Union Cases

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This Ambrotype from about 1870 is housed in a well preserved case made of ‘Gutta-Percha’ which is an early mouldable plastic made from natural resins and wood pulp. It could be pressed into amazing designs. This example is fairly basic but still crisp an clear. The inner is similar to the traditional wooden/ leather cases […]

Online talks on Understanding your old photos

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This week I have two more online talks – Manchester and Lancashire on Wednesday and Westbury on Thursday. I think Manchester will be a big one with people from all over the world taking part. I have books going out this week to Bristol and Denver, Colorado so it is a real honour to be […]

School photos

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Do you remember the old school photos of the entire school? They were long and thin with thousands of pupils. They often are rolled up so tightly they have now cracked and are badly damaged. This is one such roll. But by treating it first to relax the paper fibres it’s then to re-photograph it […]

Vignacourt Images

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During the first world war a couple in Vignacourt near the Somme turned a barn into a photographic studio. Many years later many hundreds of glass negatives were found including these two. The relatives of the couple were traced and they wanted them restoring. One is a double exposure, so the plate has been used […]

The Genealogy Show

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This July I am honoured to be one of the specialist speakers on the Genealogy Show. A month long exhibition and speaker event aimed at anyone interested in Family History. Click on the link for more details. https://thegenealogyshow.uk

New books to help Family Historians and Genealogists

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When we look at people in our old photographs we may well want to know more about them. Who are they, when was it taken, how was it taken? There are countless tomes out there that describe in detail some ways of discovering the answer. But I believe many of those books just aren’t readable. […]