Qualification Success

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I was delighted last week to receive notification that I have been awarded the highest qualification available to photo-restorers, the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society. Founded in 1839 it is the oldest organisation in the world dedicated to photography and associated arts and crafts. Receiving this accolade I understand I am the only photo […]

Zoom Talks and Lectures

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This Friday I will be presenting a talk to Buckinghamshire Family History Society on the History of Family Photography via Zoom. Apart from all the members of the Society in this country there will be others from Europe and even Australia. So if you want a speaker for your society and you are running meetings […]

Identifying old photos

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I do get annoyed when I see online auctions of old photographs and they are described as Daguerreotypes and in fact they are nothing of the sort. In fact it’s quite easy to identify the three main types of Victorian, cased photographic processes. Watch the short video to learn the basics.

Ambrotype cases restored

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I can now offer a case repair service for many basic repairs. This is in addition to the restoration service.

Don’t take it for granted

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When assessing the date of a photograph it may be , as with this one, that someone has written a date on the back. In this case it was 1895-90 ? However a quick bit of research of the photographer’s name and address throws up a date of between 1901-1905 as that was the time […]

Repair Shop – composite images

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This is a classic example of light getting on to the surface of a 120 film where the backing paper has come away from the film when loading or unloading. In this circumstance the image has never been there an it’s impossible to get it back. All you can do is rebuild what there is […]

Spotting as it was called.

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The latest image to be restored threw up some interesting details. Since photography started dust on negatives and prints has been a curse. I used to spend hours with an 000 sable brush and a block of black water colour paint filing in white spots on the print where dust had been on the negative. […]

An Historic Photo

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110 years ago there was a National Convention of State leaders to discuss and form the Republic of South Africa. The delegates were photographed for posterity and, 110 years later, an original copy has been sent to me by a descendent of one of the delegates. Damaged over the years with many small cracks and […]

Restoring Negatives and Positives

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Many scanners have attachments which allow you to scan negatives. However old film formats are very different to those available today and most negative scanners need a frame to hold the negative in which matches the size of the negative. With my new copy system I am not restricted by those constraints and can cope […]

Fingerprints or no Fingerprints

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I decided that the fingerprints on the Daguerreotype were there as the photographer left them and not subsequent damage and so left them . They were distracting though to the image so reduced their contrast down so as not to be too ‘in your face’. I’m not sure why the jpeg has darkened and changed […]