New Book Available for Pre-Order

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Over the last few years I have been asked if I had a book available covering points I raise in my talks. Well the day has arrived and the book is finished. The Family Detective – a forensic look at the history of family photography is ready for print and due out mid January 2021. It is a complete guide to identification, age detection and understanding of your collections of old photographs.

Ideal for genealogists, family historians or anyone interested in finding out more about their own family collections it’s available for pre-order now for just £12.00 plus £3.50 P&P. RRP is £14.99

With 140 pages, 250+ colour illustrations and plenty of useful tips it’s an ideal present.

To pre-order your book fill in the form on this site or email Steve@photo-consult.co.uk. www.photo-consult.co.uk/book

Qualification Success

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I was delighted last week to receive notification that I have been awarded the highest qualification available to photo-restorers, the Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society. Founded in 1839 it is the oldest organisation in the world dedicated to photography and associated arts and crafts. Receiving this accolade I understand I am the only photo restorer in the world that has achieved this qualification. The RPS has also awarded me ‘Accredited Senior in Imaging in the Creative Industries’.

Thank you to everyone who contributed references etc. It is hugely appreciated.

Zoom Talks and Lectures

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This Friday I will be presenting a talk to Buckinghamshire Family History Society on the History of Family Photography via Zoom. Apart from all the members of the Society in this country there will be others from Europe and even Australia.

So if you want a speaker for your society and you are running meetings via Zoom, please get in touch.

Zoom lectures

How to identify Autochrome and Dufaycolor

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Identifying old photos

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I do get annoyed when I see online auctions of old photographs and they are described as Daguerreotypes and in fact they are nothing of the sort. In fact it’s quite easy to identify the three main types of Victorian, cased photographic processes. Watch the short video to learn the basics.

Cameras found

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When a neighbour asks me to look at some photographic equipment found in the loft I get a little excited. This turned out to be:

A rare 19th century whole plate tailboard camera made by W. Stanley who went on to invent the Stanley knife, a 1920’s quarter plate single lens reflex plus a boxes of unexposed quarter plate glass negatives and 5 x 4 glass negatives.

If you have anything of photographic interest then let me know.

Autochrome Images Restored

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Autochrome can be one of the most difficult photographic processes to restore because of the way they were created. They were a fore-runner of Kodachrome or Ektachrome they were produced using dyed starch granules as well as the silver emulsion. This means the final image is very dark and grainy. Restoring them can be difficult due to the amount of coherent light that is needed to keep the colour. Also in close up they look like a Pissaro style pointillist painting.

But Photo-Consult can now offer our Autochrome restoration service. Due to the difficulties it will cost a little more but then again the images are dreamlike in their style and worth saving.

Close up showing the grainy structure.

Wonderful 1915 French portrait. Lumiere Autochrome

Ambrotype cases restored

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I can now offer a case repair service for many basic repairs. This is in addition to the restoration service.

Original reversed ambrotype
flipped and restored
Union case repaired and image added

Don’t take it for granted

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When assessing the date of a photograph it may be , as with this one, that someone has written a date on the back. In this case it was 1895-90 ?

However a quick bit of research of the photographer’s name and address throws up a date of between 1901-1905 as that was the time the studio was in operation.

So check, check and check again. Or ask Photo-Consult to do it for you.

Scanner v Camera

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The established way to get an image into your computer is to use a scanner but that has lots of drawbacks when it comes to a three dimensional subject like an Ambrotype, Daguerreotype or Tintype in a union case.

The scanner lens system is designed to focus on the surface closest to the scanner glass.

When the photo is mounted in a case this means it focuses on the surround and mount rather than the image itself. 

Using my system which is a combination of 19th century equipment with 21st century technology I can make sure that the image is sharp in focus and use depth of field to also get the case showing in focus too.

With file sizes over 450mb in HDR raw it allows me great scope to restore and retouch.

Conventional scan from a Canoscan 9000 – the original image is reversed (see his buttons) and it has damage around the edge of the image.
Captured via a tethered Lumix G9 with Leica lens in Hi-Res mode, that creates 8 exposures and stitches them together. Three hi-res images bracketed then HDR in Lightroom 2019 before restoring in PhotoShop CC2019

scanner v camera

close up showing pixelation from scanner
close up showing grain of the original image