Scanner v Camera

Posted on August 7, 2021 by Admin under Uncategorized

When I get asked why I don’t use a scanner I always answer because of the resolution but it’s also the ability to focus on the subject and not have a mount alter the focus position. This is a case in point. It’s a CdV Ferrotype from USA around 1862 and the image is approx 20mm x 15mm.

When scanned at 2,400 Dpi it looks like this:

Not only can you see the scan lines but it is also rather muddy. The highlights of the card surrounding the ferrotype has blown out even though it was recorded as a TIFF file.

This however is from a Raw file shot on the camera. The comparison is about 9,500 Dpi. The top one will reproduce an image of just 6 inches x 4 inches at 300 Dip. The one from the camera would go to 30 inches x 20 inches at the same resolution but is also showing a better tonal range as this one has come from bracketed exposures and Merge HDR done in Lightroom.